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                • 新皇冠体育手机版的选择技巧
                • 本站编辑:杭州欧宏建材有限公司发布日期:2019-06-02 14:51 浏览次数:
                First, the material.
                The aluminum materials on the market are mainly the following: According to the origin of aluminum materials, they are divided into ordinary aluminum, broad aluminum, and Southwest aluminum; According to the international label of aluminum, it is divided into 1100, 3003, 5005 and other label numbers; According to the strength of aluminum alloy divided into H24, H18 and so on; According to the toughness of aluminum, it is divided into ordinary aluminum, aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy. Most of the ceiling materials sold on the market use ordinary aluminum materials, which are characterized by low strength, general flatness, strong toughness, and no deformation. Without a good substrate, it will greatly affect the service life of aluminum Fangtong.
                Second, surface treatment.
                The surface treatment of aluminum Fangtong mainly includes the following types: spraying, baking paint, rolling coating, coating. Among them, spraying and baking paint have a short service life, which is prone to color difference. The roll coating service life is centered, and the coating plate can be divided into ordinary membrane and imported membrane. The service life of imported membrane can basically reach 20 years without discoloration.
                Third, the process.
                The so-called process is the surface of the plate adhesion, which is a relatively neglected consumer. If the process is not good for the product's service life is very large, the processing process of aluminum Fangtong manufacturers on the market is very different. Many small factories basically adopt the workshop type and the process life is reduced. It is recommended that when selecting aluminum through the square, you must understand this piece clearly.