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                • 新皇冠体育手机版吊顶行衔接的方法
                • 本站编辑:杭州欧宏建材有限公司发布日期:2019-04-04 07:51 浏览次数:
                该种①产品具有通风透气、调配自由、漂亮精美、时髦经用的ω 利益,使用木纹新皇冠体育手机版吊顶会使得空间变得通透○敞亮,也会令室内的空气变得加倍清新、顺利,但是在进行木纹新皇冠体育手机版装置的时分∏往往需求留意的就是其衔接性。
                欧宏建材拥有一批具有高年资的钣金师傅、车间技术人员,形成了军霸从研发、设计、生产、销售、安装、售后等一体化的现代化大◥型企业各系列。欧宏建材产品适用于: 地铁、商场、广场、宾馆、展览厅、会议厅、高级写字楼、机场、家居、电影院、洒巴、通道走道、体育馆、游泳池、火车站、汽车站、银行、会所、医院、办公室、通讯局、邮电局、歌舞场、厂房,洗车场、加油站、休闲场所、商业大夏。

                With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, wooden aluminium square ceiling is more and more widely used in construction, and can be seen in large shopping malls, subway stations, hotels and other dense places.
                This kind of product has the advantages of ventilation and ventilation, free allocation, beauty and fashion. The use of wooden aluminium square ceiling will make the space more transparent and bright, and also make the indoor air more fresh and smooth. However, when carrying out wooden aluminium square ceiling, we often need to pay attention to its cohesion.
                Aluminium square ceiling
                Generally speaking, the wooden aluminium square ceiling is made of two fixed length U-shaped grilles. The commonly used grilles are 2000 mm and 1980 mm in length. During construction, attention will often be paid to the connection between grilles. Otherwise, there will be a situation of not beautiful and untidy places. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the tight connection and the quality of wooden aluminium square roof itself.
                When choosing and purchasing wood-grain aluminium Fangtong ceiling, we try our best to select large-scale wood-grain aluminium Fangtong manufacturers, reject the use of defective products with unqualified product quality, prevent the appearance of lack of thickness, insecure interface, easy to fall, irregular and other environments, so as to add a warm and comfortable feeling to your room.
                Ouhong Building Materials has a group of senior sheet metal master, workshop technicians, forming a military hegemony from research and development, design, production, sales, installation, after-sales and other integrated modern large-scale enterprise series. Ouhong Building Material Products are suitable for: subway, shopping mall, square, hotel, exhibition hall, conference hall, senior office building, airport, home, cinema, Saba, corridor, gymnasium, swimming pool, railway station, bus station, bank, club, hospital, office, communication office, post and telecommunications office, dance hall, factory, car wash, gas station, leisure place, commercial summer